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PT Rebels Podcast | Dr. Gina Fick, PT, ScD

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill: Revolutionizing Recovery

The new AlterG Pro500 Anti-Gravity Treadmill® is the latest advancement in body weight-supported training and rehabilitation. Using Differential Air Pressure technology , which was first engineered for NASA astronauts struggling with bone density and body weight loss in outer space, the AlterG treadmill can unload up to 80% of total body weight in increments as precise as 1%. It is one of the physical therapy community’s most coveted pieces of equipment, which now hosts an integrated touchscreen interface with Stride Smart technology to help athletes achieve their goals faster with the ability to see the direct effects of unweighting as they train. Visual feedback helps guide session adjustments in real time based on the athlete’s needs during training or recovery. A built-in front view video camera enables live video monitoring, helping athletes see gait patterns they may not feel.

Athletes who use the AlterG treadmill can recover much more quickly from injuries and surgeries as well as maintain fitness as they work back into full-impact training. The AlterG is a great option for athletes who want to increase gradually training volume without increasing risk of re-injury. Instead of being forced to remain inactive or do pool running for a long period of time, the AlterG helps patients remain active and significantly reduces rehab timeframes. It’s also a great option for anyone trying to stay active, enjoy healthy lifestyles, and regain muscle and cardiovascular fitness! 

“AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmills play a pivotal role in training regimens for most NFL, MLB, NBA and elite college athletic teams, so we’re excited to see the impact of the next generation of the technology,” said CEO Charles Remsberg. “AlterG’s success in the high-performance setting is why they’re also used by top physical therapy clinics across the country. The technology reaches far beyond high-performing athletes. It helps people with a wide variety of needs achieve the mobility and quality of life they’re striving for.”

Interested in trying out the AlterG Pro500 treadmill?

You’re in luck! At Fick PT and Performance, we have the most advanced AlterG treadmill, the AlterG Pro500. If you’re curious about how the AlterG treadmill can help you recover from injury or improve your overall health and wellness, please contact us to set up a free trial. We would love to help you utilize this technology to speed up your recovery or to take the next step in achieving your fitness goals! 

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