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Sports Recovery Programs Denver

Are You Looking To Return To Your Sports And Activities Quickly And Safely?

We Get It...

Let Us Help!

We can help you recover faster and better than your peers.

  1. First, we’ll meet with you, learn the demands of your sport and training regiment, and take the time to listen to your specific goals for recovery.
  2. Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation to identify any issues that are keeping you from recovering and being ready for the next practice or game.
  3. Then we’ll create a specialized recovery plan for you based on your training and competition schedule. That way you’re ready for all the physical demands on your sports and workouts.

Our recovery strategies provide the exact same services to our clients typically reserved only for professional athletes.

Come take advantage of this special recovery program right here at our clinic.

Some Of Our Treatment Options Include:


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy programs are for any athlete, whether you play recreationally, professionally, or somewhere in between. If you want to return to your desired sport better, faster, and stronger than you were prior to the injury, we’re the right place for you.

Dry Needling

Our dry needling treatments help athletes experiencing muscle tightness, or pain. With dry needling, you can rapidly recover from your latest training session, injury, and prepare for your next competition. Dry needling can get you back to your sport quickly and efficiently

AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill is perfect for athletes who need to start using their injured lower body before they’re fully recovered. It allows you to get back to your sport faster than ever since you can exercise safely.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses a Class IV Lightforce Laser to penetrate deeply into your body stimulating the healing process, reducing muscle spasm and pain, and even decreasing recovery time. This therapy isn’t painful. It actually produces a soothing warmth in the affected area.

X-Rays & MRIs

If you’re injured and want to get an x-ray or MRI the same day, we can help. At Fick Performance & PT you can skip the visit to the emergency room or urgent care clinic to get your imaging and find out what’s going on. Let us streamline your process for you.

dorsaVi Athletic Movement Assessment

The dorsaVi ViPerform is a wearable device with wireless sensors that tracks and measures your movements in real-time while you run or play your sport. The sensors record data from your activity.

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy helps athletes who have muscle tightness, pain, or injury. This type of massage provides healing and relief to overused muscles and joints. Adding sports massage to your physical therapy treatment can decrease recovery time by releasing muscle tightness and soreness using a deep tissue massage technique.

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

Want to get stronger without high intensity training? That’s exactly what BFR training can do for your body. It’s safe and super-effective at accelerating strength improvements without lifting heavy weights. Even if you’re injured, and can’t use a lot of weight right now, BFR can help you get stronger.

Our Clinic Offers Even More State-Of-The-Art
Tools For Athletic Recovery:

Sports Recovery Membership Details & Options:

2022 Recovery Center Membership Info
"Dr. Fick is very knowledgeable, a great communicator, and super friendly. A great combination for an excellent experience! As a professional athlete Dr. Fick has not only helped me recover from my injuries but has gotten me stronger in the process. There’s no substitute for the best…and that’s Dr. Fick."
Ronald Manning
Ronald M.

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