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PT Rebels Podcast | Dr. Gina Fick, PT, ScD

Cancellation Policy

Please note regarding our CANCELLATION POLICY: We realize that emergencies and other 
scheduling conflicts arise and are sometimes unavoidable, however, advance notification allows
us to fulfill other patient’s scheduling needs and keeps patient care operating at its most efficient

Please provide 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. Patients who do not attend 
a scheduled appointment or do not provide 24-hour notice to change a scheduled appointment 
may be responsible for the 100% of the charge for that session. This charge must be paid on or 
before the next scheduled appointment.

We reserve your one-hour appointment time just for you so that we may provide optimum 
treatment outcomes for all our patients. 24-hour notice allows us to place another patient in your
cancelled appointment period to received needed treatment.

Your treatment plan has been established by your medical practitioners to get you back to your 
regular activities as quickly as possible. Missing appointments hinders that process and may 
end up prolonging recovery. Thank you for providing our office and our patients with this 
courtesy. If you feel that therapy is not meeting your needs, please bring it to our attention 
immediately. We will be happy to modify your program to ensure a successful recover

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