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PT Rebels Podcast | Dr. Gina Fick, PT, ScD

Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Program


Want To Get Stronger Even While Injured?

Are you looking for a cutting-edge training method to take your performance to new heights? Look no further than Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training, offered exclusively at Fick PT & Performance.

BFR training is a revolutionary technique that involves the use of specialized bands or cuffs to partially restrict blood flow to your muscles while exercising. This restriction creates a unique environment that triggers significant muscle growth and strength gains, even with lighter loads.

At Fick PT & Performance, our experienced and certified trainers are experts in BFR training. We understand that every individual has unique goals and needs, which is why we tailor our BFR programs to suit your specific requirements.

Our state-of-the-art facility provides the perfect setting for your BFR training sessions. With cutting-edge equipment and a supportive atmosphere, we strive to create an optimal training experience for all our clients.

Whether you are an elite athlete looking to gain a competitive edge or an individual seeking efficient and effective training methods, BFR training can take your fitness journey to the next level.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking technique! Schedule a consultation with our experts at Fick PT & Performance today and discover how BFR training can unlock your full potential.

Benefits Of Blood Flow Restriction Training:

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Get To Know Dr. Gina Fick - Physical Therapist In Highlands Ranch, CO...

Dr. Gina Fick, PT, ScD, FAAOMPT became passionate about physical therapy during her high school and college years when she played on various sports teams. During this time, she sustained a serious and season-ending injury that kept her from the activities she loved, but through that experience, she discovered her passion for physical therapy. Dr. Gina was impressed with the impact that physical therapy had on herself and other people trying to get back to the activities and sports they love. This inspired Dr. Gina to become a physical therapist and help athletes prevent injuries, recover from injuries, and return to doing activities they love.

See Blood Flow Restriction In-Action:

"Gina Fick has helped me recover from numerous injuries and prepare my body to be at its physical best to compete at an elite level. She works with me and my schedule to always ensure I am at peak performance. I have tried other physical therapists and Gina Fick is by far the best. No one can beat her education, expertise, and wisdom."
Reese D.

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