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Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Training Program


Want To Get Stronger Even While Injured?

That’s exactly what blood flow restriction training can do for your body.

Personalized blood flow restriction (P-BFR) training is a game-changer in speeding up healing and enhancing strength and muscle growth following an injury or a surgery.

P-BFR training utilizes a specialized Delfi tourniquet device, similar to a blood pressure cuff, to partially block blood flow to the muscles in upper or lower limbs during low-load exercises. This causes the muscle to think it’s exercising harder than it really is.

With low-load P-BFR exercise 2-3 times per week, you can see results that meet or exceed that of high-intensity strength training over a 6-week period.

Even if you’re injured, and can’t use a lot of weight right now, P-BFR can help you get stronger (without making your injury worse).

Benefits Of Blood Flow Restriction Training:

See Blood Flow Restriction In-Action:

"Gina Fick has helped me recover from numerous injuries and prepare my body to be at its physical best to compete at an elite level. She works with me and my schedule to always ensure I am at peak performance. I have tried other physical therapists and Gina Fick is by far the best. No one can beat her education, expertise, and wisdom."
Reese D.

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