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PT Rebels Podcast | Dr. Gina Fick, PT, ScD

Golf Injury Prevention Strategies: Top Tips for Staying Mobile, Strong, and Conditioned for Golf!

Golf is a complex sport that requires many elements of physical function, such as mobility, strength, power, rate of force development, and work capacity. Although these qualities look different for each player, players often need consistent development and maintenance of each one of these qualities to participate in golf without pain or movement dysfunction.

So, where should you start and how should you address these necessary functional components? Let’s dive in….

1) We recommend that you incorporate a five-minute warm-up prior to swinging your club. The purpose of a dynamic warm up is to prepare the body for the demands of the task you are about to engage in. These active movements help promote blood flow, acutely improve mobility and active range of motion, increase body temperature, and prime the nervous system.

Three key areas to address for your warm-up are the thoracic spine, hip complex, and shoulder complex. Below are four simple exercises that can be effective for preparing for a round of golf.

*Note that if any of these exercises create pain or discomfort, stop and consult a licensed physical therapist for further evaluation and activity modification.

a. Dynamic Prayer Stretch – 10 repetitions x 3 second hold

golf blog 1

b. World’s Greatest Stretch – 4x each side

golf blog 2

c. 90/90 Hip Mobility – 10 rotations each side

golf blog 3

d. ½ Kneeling Thoracic Rotation – 8 rotations each side

golf blog 4

2. Incorporate strength and power training at least once or twice a week to improve golf specific work capacity, improve distance, and increase tissue resilience for the demands of golf. Your golf-specific strengthening program should include a squat, hinge, lunge, and push and pull exercise.

These exercises replicate positions and postures that are relevant to the golf swing. Below are some of the exercises we incorporate in our golf-specific PT programs.

a. Kettlebell Deadlift – 3 sets of 8 Repetitions


b. Bulgarian Split Squat – 3 sets of 6 repetitions each side


c. Single Leg Glute Bridge – 3 sets of 8 repetitions each side


d. Physioball YTW – 3 sets of 5 repetitions each side


e. ½ Kneeling Down Chop – 3 sets of 6 repetitions each side


f. Staggered Stance Medicine Ball Rotational Slam – 3 sets of 6 repetitions each side


If you have any pain when playing golf or would like more information about our personalized Golf PT Program, please visit or call us at 720-480-2866 to book an appointment with Dr. Chris Munoz, PT, DPT, CSCS, our Titleist Performance Institute Certified Golf Physical Therapist.

If you are unsure if our Golf PT Program is right for you, you may schedule a FREE DISCOVERY VISIT and meet with our Certified Golf Specialist and see our facilities. We will determine how we can best help you achieve your goals for playing golf pain-free without medications, injections, or risky surgical procedures and establish a plan to ensure that you stay healthy throughout the year.

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