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Tendonitis While Running? 4 Tendon’s Do’s And Don’ts You Need To Hear

The holiday season is upon us, a time for joy, celebration, and perhaps, ramping up those running routines before the festive feasting begins.

But for runners with tendonitis, the anticipation of Christmas cheer is clouded by the ache in each step.

Tendon pain is like the Grinch that steals not just your records but also the simple pleasure of a crisp morning jog.

With the right guidance, however, you can still enjoy the festive season without the shadow of pain.

Understanding Tendonitis While Running

Tendonitis is an inflammation of the tendons, the thick cords that attach your muscles to bones.

When it comes to running, it’s often a case of too much, too soon, or with too little recovery.

The repetitive impact and strain can irritate and inflame your tendons, leading to pain that puts a halt to your training.

But the impact goes beyond the physical; it’s the missed morning runs, the declined races, and the silent treadmills that truly weigh on a runner’s spirit.

The Four Tendon Do’s and Don’ts While Running

The Balancing Act: Load Management

DON’T succumb to the temptation of complete rest.

It’s intuitive to think that when pain strikes, total rest is the cure.

However, tendons are designed for movement and stress.

An absence of activity can lead to a weakened state, leaving your tendons less equipped to manage the stress of running when you decide to lace up those sneakers again.

DO embrace the art of gradual progression.

Begin with gentle, low-impact activities that your tendons can withstand.

This could be as simple as walking, cycling, or swimming.

Slowly increase the load, allowing your tendons to adapt and strengthen.

This approach teaches your tendons to endure without being overwhelmed, fostering resilience for your return to running.

The Recovery Symphony: Active Engagement

DON’T let passive treatments become your sole melody.

Ice and heat packs can be soothing, offering temporary relief to pain.

Yet, they do little to fortify the tendons against the future strains of running.

DO conduct the orchestra of active recovery.

Picture your recovery as a concert of therapies: begin with the deep, resonant tones of manual therapy to address inflammation and scar tissue, followed by the harmonious progression of an exercise program.

This plan should load the tendons, much like increasing the volume, to increase their capacity for the strains of running.

The Informed Choice: Treatment Options

DON’T leap to invasive treatments as your opening act.

Injections into the tendon, while seemingly a direct approach, often lack clinical evidence and may introduce unwanted complications.

DO treat such interventions as the final encore.

If the initial concert of exercise and manual therapy doesn’t resonate with your recovery, consult with a professional about the possibility of injections in the proximity of the tendon.

This approach should be reserved for a select few, often following an unresponsive traditional treatment.

The Harmony of Healing: Pain and Mobility

Don’t let small pains lead to a magnitude of damage.

Ignoring pain or engaging in aggressive stretching can be akin to playing your instrument too forcefully, risking further injury.

DO listen to the subtle dynamics of your body.

Work with your physical therapist to develop a training plan that respects the delicate pitches of your pain.

A structured program, tailored like a maestro’s composition, should guide your tendons through a range of motion and loading that encourages healing without straining your recovery.

Conquer Your Knee Pain At Fick PT & Performance

Tendonitis shouldn’t dim the festive lights or keep you from enjoying your New Year run.

Remember, healing is not a sprint; it’s a marathon with its own set of milestones.

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Don’t let tendon pain keep you from your fresh start in the New Year.

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